You Can Be Better or Be Bitter

Inspiration is a funny little emotion, it can come from so many different sources in our lives. Pablo Picasso said inspiration exists but it has to find you working… In other words, you have to take hold of it or it simply goes until the next inspiring thought comes. So after my husband was “inspired” [...]

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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

I never really understood the saying “let sleeping dogs lie” until I entered into the fab, fun and frenzied world of my pooch, Fitzy Foo. The endless toilet training, the forever saying “No”, accompanied with the classic repeating of one’s high pitched voice “what’s in your mouth”? All really mount up to an exhausting puppy [...]

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Right Place Right Time Right Person

It was on one of those freezing cold days, you know those days so cold you can’t even think straight? Had I lost my mind? What was I thinking? As we were relegated to stand in a freezing cold doorway as my dear husband took his time shopping in the warm grocery store! So there [...]

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